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About Henri Lepore Dezert


“Each shoe is conceived as an individual vision that stays true to the PURITY OF HANDMADE ITALIAN SHOEMAKING.”     –Henri Lepore Dezert


About Henri

Henri Lepore Dezert is an American born fashion designer of French and Italian lineage. From a young age Henri spent many afternoons with his father at their family’s custom upholstery shop in Los Angeles. At 19, he relocated to New York to work for cousin and fashion designer, Nanette Lepore.

After a decade of living and working for his cousin and other fashion firms in New York City, Henri yearned to expand his professional career as a designer which lead him to follow his heart and family roots to Northern Italy.

Henri relocated to Milano where he studied at the renowned Ars Sutoria shoemaking school and dedicated two years to discovering and studying Northern Italy’s most distinguished shoemakers and factories.

Henri’s studies culminated in Venezia where he had a seemingly destined meeting with Venetian footwear legend, Rolando Segalin. Ultimately, Henri and Rolando shared many beliefs in common, including the understanding that every shoe should be developed and constructed by hand only – avoiding the cheaper, more industrialized constructions that have become common in Italy.

With this spirit in mind, all of Henri’s shoes are created by hand– utilizing small batch production to ensure the highest quality construction and best fit.

Design Background

In addition to his studies in Milano, Henri holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree from the College of Communication Studies and Fine Arts at Loyola Marymount University.

Henri credits the influence of his family’s custom upholstery business in his early years and working for cousin Nanette Lepore to his decision to become a shoe designer.

Henri designs his bespoke, private label and ready-to-wear collections from his design ateliers in Milano, New York and Los Angeles.

About Collections

Henri’s creations evocate a glamorous and ethereal aura that appeal to a discerning international clientele. Every shoe is conceived with the highest quality in mind with a subtle attention to detail that is brought to life in every stitch.

Henri’s selection of nouveau-European leathers and components are eloquently complimented with a handcrafted Italian shoemaking process resulting in salon shoes that can only be defined as pure luxury — an experience to wear and treasure to possess.